About Carter

Carter our mascot’s biography…

After his initial start in life as a printer cartridge, Carter began surfing the internet looking for cheap printer ink he could buy online but couldn’t find his ink.  Subsequently Carter set out to create a dynamic search function whereby you could easily look up your printer model or cartridge number. Now with almost countless amounts of stock of both inkjet cartridges and laser toner cartridges, Carter has managed to secure his leadership in the printer and toner market as the “go to guy” for printer ink!  So if you are looking for great deals on printer ink you have come to the right place, and remember if you cannot find something, give Carter a call!  He loves to chat!

Who is he?

After starting life as a HP Inkjet Cartridge, he soon found his calling!  Selling ink online! Cheap printer ink! Ink for all brands and models that would allow customers to create an account, log into the system and save favourites. This means free shipping on orders and inkcredible offers on MegaPacks (10 plus printer ink packs) to entice customers!

Is he a real person?

No but please don’t tell him that!  Although we are sure his origins are from the OEM printer cartridge Universe, we have not had the heart to tell him that he is still only a printer ink cartridge!

What is his favourite drink?

Vast quantities of continuous black Ink!  As most printers seem to have an inkcredible thirst for printer ink, so does our Carter.

Does he have any hobby?

Believe it or not he is a secret agent.  Not that conventional for a former inkjet cartridge, but our Carter enjoys the peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of espionage!

What Is his favourite movie?


How did he come alive?

We don’t know exactly….. We think while placed in situ in a HP printer, he became self-aware and started to explore the world around him.

What else does he want to achieve?

There is always the dream to be a bigger cog in the system, and for Carter this is to get world peace and love.  When quizzed about this he commented perhaps a HP or Brother machine, although he enjoys the simplicity of the Samsung and Epson printers with enabled WiFi capability.

What type of music does he like?

Ink Floyd ,The Rolling Toners and Printer This.