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As Christmas 2018 is speedily approaching this year, you too, can quickly snap up many savings before it arrives!

Let me show you how…

So, the countdown to silly season has begun and we all know once December hits, all those days fly by in a blur.

Until it’s a few days before Christmas Day and we hit the shops in a festive fury with little precious time for a card to be sent.

How about bringing back free creative fun? Don’t buy it! Print it! Make it! Share the experience with the family! Lets set an example this year and write a note to our loved ones with an old school christmas card that comes from the heart or put a splash of creativity into designing your own decorations this Christmas, like a Paper Village Winter Wonderland or Snowy Snowflake bunting.

Print Me!     Fold Me!     Gift Me!

Why not print it?
  • Design and print your own Christmas Card to give to friends and family? Check our examples here!
  • Get, Ready-made cards compliments of ‘Brother Creative Centre’
  • Find labels to stick on your well wrapped presents. You can Design them yourself or Print them Ready-Made
  • Write that letter to Santa. You can find specially decorated writing paper for your children’s Santa list? Come see examples here!  
  • Create a Winter Wonderland just print and build your own Winter themed village like I did one year… HERE
  • Print place names and get festive ideas for around the dining table.

Simply STOCK UP ON INK AND TONER to Save this Season !



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Do you have a One4All gift card?

Now you can use it online to buy printer ink and toner!

Printerinks has teamed up with One4All to allow all our valued customers to use their One4All gift cards right here to online shop.

The One4all Gift Card can be purchased in all 1,100 Post Office branches nationwide, or online through the One4all website.

If you have any questions One4all Gift Cards, you can email us at

How To Fix Poor Print Quality – Toner Tip #6

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Have you ever printed something with the expectation that it would look more or less the way it does on your computer screen, only to get completely different results on paper? While differences in resolution can create a disconnect between print quality and on-screen quality, you may need to make some adjustments to get the most out of your printer.

Diagnosis: Your print quality is most likely lacking due to the settings on your printer. These may be default settings, or you may have previously chosen them for a different project and forgotten to revert back to your normal settings.

  • Try adjusting the color levels, brightness, and contrast in your printer’s settings.
  • Increase the print quality in your printer’s settings/properties menu. Choose “best quality” or the equivalent for your printer.
  • Instead of regular office printer paper, opt for a paper type that comes with a smooth, coated surface. Depending on the project you’re working on, you might choose glossy, low-gloss, or matte paper.
  • Make sure you’ve selected the right paper type in your printer driver. If your printer thinks you’re using a different type of paper, it may affect how toner is applied to the page.
  • If one side of your paper is not usable (due to something like a glossy surface), make sure you insert the pages correctly so that the text/image appears on the correct side.

Solution: Try making manual adjustments to the settings menu for your printer. You may be able to find the print quality you need by making a few simple changes. You can also try changing the type of paper you’re using – just be sure your printer knows that you’re using that type of media.

How To Fix Your Print Work If It Turns Out Blemished – Toner Tip #5

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There are many different possible causes of blemished print work. It could be a defective cartridge (which can happen with any brand, including expensive OEM products), or it could be that something inside the printer needs to be cleaned or replaced. The specific problem will depend on your printer’s brand, series, model, condition, and environment.

Printer Diagnosis:

Unfortunately, this problem will require a bit of trial and error. You can use this handy troubleshooting guide as a starting point to figuring out what’s wrong with your print work.

  •  Blank spots – these may be caused by a simple cartridge defect, or it could be something more serious like a damaged transfer roller. Try replacing the cartridge first. If that doesn’t fix the issue, try examining the inside of the printer (if accessible on your printer model) to see if you can detect any obvious obstructions. If it still won’t print correctly, try replacing the transfer roller.
  • Faded print work – frequently caused by a cartridge running out of toner, but it may also be a sign that you need to clean your printer’s laser mirror or replace the transfer roller.
  • Lines across the page – may be a sign that you have a defective cartridge, or it could mean that some internal component needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Smeared print work – could be a problem with the cartridge, but it’s also very probable that the problem lies with your drum unit. Every time you change the toner cartridge, a little bit of residual toner powder gets left behind in the drum unit, which is why it’s so important to change the drum unit after the estimated lifespan (usually measured in the number of pages printed) has passed.
  •  Smudges can sometimes be fixed by printing a series of blank pages. Try printing several blank sheets in a row and see if your print quality improves at all.
  •  Stretched/Distorted images – this problem is a bit more difficult to diagnose and it’s more expensive to fix. It could be caused by a problem with the laser scanner, the engine controller board, or the cables that connect to your printer’s engine controller board. You may need to replace one or more of these components if the problem persists.

Printer Solution:

Try replacing the toner cartridge first. If that doesn’t solve your problem, consider replacing the drum unit, cleaning internal components like the laser scanner/mirrors, or replacing those internal components.

How To Manage A Slow Printer – Toner Tip #3

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A slow printer can wreck your productivity. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home or in an office, you want your work to look good and print quickly. Some printers simply have a faster print speed than others. Typically, newer models print faster than older ones, though this isn’t necessary a fixed rule within the printer industry. However, no matter what type of laser printer you’re using, there are a few tricks you can use to improve your print speed.

Printer Diagnosis: 

Your printer may be slow for a number of reasons. You could be using default settings that favour quality and efficiency over speed. You may also be using the wrong print drivers.

  • Turn off duplex printing if your device offers this feature. When you use two-sided printing, your printer needs to turn the page over in order to complete the document, which can take a lot of time. You’ll consume more paper and consequently increase your paper expenses, but you’ll improve print time quite a bit.
  • Check the print quality settings. Many printers feature different options regarding the quality of your print work. There’s typically a draft mode, standard quality mode, and highest quality mode. If you don’t need your work to look spotless, switch it to draft mode and you’ll significantly speed up your print time.
  • Some printers allow you to switch between different printer drivers. PostScript drivers are ideal for getting good graphics, but this can slow down your print speed. Instead, opt for your printer’s host-based driver system (the setting in which your host computer processes the print work). You can also use your printer’s PCL (Printer Command Language) driver to improve your print speed.

Printer Solution: 

Check your printer’s settings and try making some of the aforementioned changes until your print speed improves. If your print speed does not improve after making these changes, you may need to upgrade to a newer printer. Shop around for the best price and always look at the print speed and product specs of a given laser printer before you purchase it.

How To Fix Paper Jams In Your Laser Printer – Toner Tip #2

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If you want to solve a paper jam problem in your printer, it’s fairly straightforward. However, recurring paper jams may be indicative of some other issue at play. Take a look at your owner’s manual and perform a little light troubleshooting before you give up on your expensive laser printer.

Printer Diagnosis:

Either the page was misaligned, the paper was too thick, or the paper took on moisture prior to use. No matter what caused the jam, the first thing you’ll need to do is remove the paper that’s stuck inside your device.

  • Check the pathway that paper travels through inside your printer. Some printers will indicate where the jam has occurred, while other models will require a bit of investigative work. You can usually get a decent assessment of the jam’s location and severity just by visually inspecting the interior.
  • Avoid sticking your fingers inside any of the gears. In order to prevent the possibility of getting your fingers caught, it’s best to turn the printer off before you begin trying to remove the jammed page(s).
  • When you find where the page is stuck, carefully grasp the paper and firmly pull it straight out. Avoid pulling to one side or tugging without a firm grip on the paper, as this may cause the paper to rip. A torn page will be even more difficult to remove, so try to keep it all intact!
  •  If the page is firmly wedged between the rollers inside your printer, check the owner’s manual for how to release a trapped piece of paper.

Printer Solution:

If you suspect that the page was misaligned (one of the most common causes of paper jams), open your paper tray and take out the stack of paper inside. Square the edges of your entire stack, line up the stack properly with the inside of your tray, and set the stack down in the correct position.

If you’ve done all this and you still experience paper jams, the issue could be your paper. Check your owner’s manual, browse an online resource, or contact the printer manufacturer to find out whether your printer was designed to use that type/stock of paper. If it isn’t, stop using it immediately and purchase paper that is supported by the specific printer model you’re using.

You should also keep your paper reserves stored in a cool, dry place. Environmental moisture can cause paper to warp or stick together, creating an unwelcome challenge to your usual printing routine.

How To Install Your Toner Cartridge – Toner Tip #1

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For a seasoned pro, installing and removing cartridges from a laser printer is a piece of cake. If you’re new to laser printers, though, you may find it a bit more challenging than replacing the ink cartridge in an inkjet device. Even if you’ve been using laser printers for years, there’s always the possibility that an improperly installed cartridge could cause the door/cover on your device to remain ajar. If your toner cartridges aren’t installed correctly, it can prevent your printer from functioning properly.

Printer Diagnosis:

A toner cartridge is ajar, stuck inside the printer, or otherwise improperly inserted. This could be caused by a number of things, including use of the wrong cartridge model. The most likely fix for this problem is to take the cartridge out. If it’s empty, replace it with a new cartridge. If it still has toner left inside, install it back in the printer, taking care to insert the cartridge properly.

  • Always turn your printer off before attempting to change a cartridge. You don’t want your hands inside the device while its internal components are moving or heating up. Let the printer cool down for an adequate period of time after turning it off, then carefully measure its temperature before touching any internal parts.
  • Open the cover. This will be a front-facing panel on many laser printers, though you may encounter other designs.
  • Grasp the handle on the drum unit and pull out the entire toner cartridge/drum unit together.
  • Release the toner cartridge from the drum unit. Depending on your printer model and drum unit, this may be done with a switch, lever, or button. Do not force the cartridge out of the drum unit. If it won’t release, try using the lock/unlock mechanism again. If it’s still stuck, you may need to call a specialist to help remove the cartridge without breaking the drum unit.
  • Make sure you’re using the right toner cartridges for your specific printer model. The wrong cartridge can make it difficult to close your printer’s panel door and may inhibit normal print functions.
  • Unpack your new cartridge, line it up with the drum unit, and gently but firmly press it into place. On many models, you will hear a soft click when the cartridge is locked into the drum unit.
  • While the drum unit is out of your printer, slide the tab along its edge back and forth to clean the internal corona wire. Some drum units may not have this feature, but if yours does, it’s worth doing this extra bit of maintenance to help prevent print quality problems down the line.
  • Slide the combined drum unit and toner cartridge combo back into place inside your printer. Make sure it’s properly lined up and be sure to slide the drum/toner combo all the way in so that your printer’s panel will close properly.
  • Close the printer’s door/panel and turn on your printer. If your printer has a display screen, wait until it shows that the device is in “ready mode” or otherwise indicates that you can begin printing again.

Printer Solution:

Always use the right toner cartridge for your specific printer model. If you’re unsure about what type of cartridge you need, you can consult’s Search Bar in the center banner of our home page. You can also click on your printer brand (for example, HP) from the Brands tab in the Menu.

Make sure you always install your cartridges properly the first time to prevent them from getting stuck. Taking a moment to check the cartridge model and align it properly in your printer will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

Original Printer Ink Cartridge??? Don’t Be Conventional…

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Dear Original Brand Ink Cartridge,We all know you think you’re far superior but let’s face the facts. I am high-quality, affordable and totally available online. I am rigorously tested to ensure that I will stand the test of time. You can order me for pretty much every major model of printer available, both old and new.

Furthermore, I can wear any cartridge and the difference is I make it look damn good.

Sincerely yours,

Compatible Ink Cartridge (AKA Carter)

Career: Content Writer / Graphic Design / Social Media Marketing Intern, 3 months +

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We are looking to recruit a talented graphic designer / content writer / social media marketing intern who will manage our social media channels for Printerinks B2C .

Does this describe you?

  • Storyteller
  • Superior writing skills in English language – essential
  • Content Writer – drafting marketing email content
  • Write accurate, compelling copy to tight deadlines
  • Enjoys sourcing news leads and swiftly identifying relevant stories
  • Social media addict who is always looking for the next big thing
  • Able to create basic memes
  • Artistic eye for detail and design
  • Genuine Passion for all forms of Social Media and communicating
  • Highly creative individual
  • Self-starter, motivated and idea driven
  • Interest in comics and cartoons
  • Ability to be given a project brief and produce a comic strip to market our products
  • Ability to work independently, produce daily creative graphics and content for Instagram/Facebook
  • Manage Twitter account
  • Experienced image editing in PowerPoint or other
  • Familiar with marketing computer software, CRM tools like Infusionsoft and MailChimp and Google Analytics
  • Eagar to assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media, direct mail and web)
  • Ability to prepare promotional presentations flyers, competition leaflets etc.
  • Interest in assisting the team to organise marketing events, attend Expos and showcase our products
  • Create clear reports on market analysis and research on all media platforms
  • Qualification or studying in Marketing/Communications related educational program
  • Deliver fresh, exciting feature ideas
  • Build blog audiences and social channels

You will be working in a small team and your insightful contribution will help develop, expand and maintain our marketing channels.

View our Social Media Platforms below




This internship will help you acquire digital marketing skills and provide you with knowledge of various marketing strategies. Ultimately, you will have an opportunity to experience all marketing challenges encountered in a start-up SME.


  • 3 month internship with opportunity to extend on end review meeting.
  • We will include travel expenses to and from work and a project based bonus on successful completion of the internship.

If you believe you have what it takes to work with Carter (our mascot) and the rest of the team email your CV with a cover note to with the subject line “Marketing Intern”.

Carter “Agony Aunty” McCartridge Column

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Dear Carter,

I’ve read multiple for and against arguments that compatible ink cartridges are good quality and affordable also that they will ruin my printer. I’m getting whiplash going back and forth. Maybe I should do what my mammy told me, dig deeper in my pockets and buy the same brand ink cartridge to match my printer. Please help!

Yours in distress,

Jimmy Little




Dear Jimmy,

I never did what my mother told me and I became the king of the cartridge world. I’ve made it to epic stardom, a success. My mother still pinches me on the cheek to this day and tells me I’m the best. You see Jimmy, what a lot of people don’t know is that:

  • You can get compatibles for pretty much every major model of printer available, both old and new.

  • We are sold by reputable suppliers and are made to the highest ISO standards.

  • It is against the law to say that using a compatible cartridge in your printer will invalidate its warranty. The Competition Act of 1998 has clear and firm guidelines over the monopoly of consumer goods.

  • Buying us will leave you with more money in your pocket for your piggy bank.

  • You’re also protected by the Sale of Goods Act, meaning that is the responsibility of whoever supplied your compatible cartridge to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

That’s where the team at step in to take care of you and us. They strive to quickly match and relocate all my fellow cartridge friends to their equivalent printer homes.

So yes, a compatible ink cartridge is a good investment! Simple.

Luv n’ stuff,



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