Creative Projects a Home Printer Can Do

Think your home inkjet printer is just for printing out boarding passes and driving directions? Think again! Here's how to use your printer to label things, play games, design clothes, and more. There's a project for everyone and it won't require specialized (or expensive) equipment.

Print Your Own Posters

You don't need to break the bank at your local music store to plaster your wall with pics of your favorite band. A faster, cheaper, and easier way to do it is to print from your home or office computer. Just make sure you find a high-resolution picture to guarantee the best quality possible.

Get Organized

Whether you need to meal prep, label your file folders or stick name tags to your personal possessions, you can do so by printing simple labels from your home or office computer.


This is one of the most practical and useful projects you can do with your home printer. There are loads of ready-to-use calendar templates available online, some of which allow you to customize and create your own unique designs!

Design T-Shirts

Have a charity or sports event coming up? Make your own printed T-shirts with your home printer and iron-on inkjet transfers. Of course, you don't need to stop at t-shirts, either. Most iron-on transfer sheets work with any fabric blend that is at least 50 percent cotton, so you can print your own tote bags, trucker caps, and more. Just be careful when inserting the transfer paper into your paper tray as it’s more expensive and heavier than standard A4 sheets and may move through the printer differently.

Need affordable ink or toner?

At Printerinks, we provide our customers with the best compatible ink and toner at reasonable prices. Printerinks is committed to quality service and to that end we ensure satisfaction with the No Quibble Guarantee. We will replace or refund your purchase[s]. Whatever best suits you!

What Happens If You Put in the Wrong Type of Ink Cartridge?

If you or your business use your printer a lot, you’ll know you need a steady stream of ink cartridges. This can be costly and, with so many different printer brands and models, sometimes difficult to navigate. What happens when you discover you bought the wrong refills? The impact can range from damaged hardware to discolored printouts. Let’s dive in...



Every inkjet manufacturer creates its ink cartridge specifications. From the ink formulations they use to the cartridge sizes they implement, these ink tanks present such complete incompatibility that you can't mistake one brand for another, let alone insert one into the wrong printer. Think of a square peg and a round hole! If you somehow manage to squeeze one manufacturer's cartridges into another one's hardware, you run the risk of damaging printheads and cartridge bays, voiding the warranty on your printer and being unable to return a now-open ink tank that shows signs of misuse.

Some printer manufacturers share their consumables among multiple hardware models that offer similar features. In some cases, these printers differ only in their flexibility and convenience options, not in the mechanisms they use to produce output.

Check the user guide for your printer to verify the consumables it accepts, and avoid assuming that they carry the same model number as the printer itself. Inserted into the wrong printer, they can clog printheads, damage cartridge slots or defeat head maintenance routines.


If you accidentally insert your inkjet's cartridges in the wrong colour slots, most printers sense the error and alert you with an on-screen message. Until you correct this type of installation mixup, your printer won't operate, so that’s an easy fix.

In older printers that don’t give automatic feedback, you'll see color substitutions in your printed output that immediately alert you to mixed up cartridges. If you accidentally operate the printer with its inks in the wrong slots, we recommend running the cleaning cycle.


So what about using compatible cartridges? Similar to the original branded cartridge, these are manufactured under license in accordance with ISO 9001 certified standards. Cartridges are produced by generic manufacturers resulting in a better deal for consumers with no diminution in quality. To find the compatible cartridge for your printer, simply enter the model number in the search bar on

If you receive a warning message from the printer stating that the cartridge is incompatible and will damage your printer, please ignore it. Manufacturers consciously insert various warnings to pressure the customer to buy expensive originals.

The cartridge will not damage your printer in any way and does not invalidate any Original Manufacturer warranties associated with the printer. Original Equipment Manufacturers are not allowed to void your printer warranty for using compatible or remanufactured ink or toner cartridges!

Printerinks is committed to quality service and to that end we ensure satisfaction with the No Quibble Guarantee. We will replace or refund your purchase[s]. Whatever best suits you!

The Difference Between a Toner & Drum Unit for Laser Printers

Variations in design and structure are more subtle in laser printers than in inkjet printers. For instance, take the dilemma of drum units vs. toner cartridges. Understanding the implications of drum units vs. toner cartridges can be crucial for both your pocket and your print quality but it’s something that most laser printer users can’t wrap their heads around! We’re here to help. 

Toner cartridges are exactly what their name suggests. They are cartridges or containers of toner. A drum unit is a component that is used to transfer toner particles from their reservoir to the pages. The drum unit also holds the image to be printed. Both are unique functions but crucial to the printing process. 

Cost Difference

How do combined units and individual units affect your finances? Combined products of drum units and toner cartridges tend to cost much more than individual toner cartridges. The most affordable option is individual toner cartridges, followed by combined housings of toner cartridges and drum units, and then individual drum units.

Drum Units Vs. Toner Cartridges: How Do You Know When To Change?

If your prints are coming out too light then it means that your laser printer is running out of toner. So, between drum units vs. toner cartridges, you know that it is the toner cartridges that you need to change.

On the other hand, if your prints are unclear and have streaks or lines, then your drum unit has deteriorated enough to need changing. So, between drum units vs. toner cartridges, you know that it is the drum units that you need to change.

To recap the complexities of Drum units Vs. toner Cartridges: the toner cartridge is the container that holds toner particles while the drum unit is the component that holds the image that needs to be printed!

Interested in saving up to 30% on your toner costs? Shop our compatible toner cartridges now! 

Best Compatible Toner Cartridges for Your Business

Best Compatible Toner Cartridges for Your Business

Printers are still very much relevant in the houses and offices even in this era of advanced technology when tablets and smartphones are dominating in the whole world. You can realize that branded toner cartridges are extremely expensive. If your printing needs are considerably huge, brand name cartridges can quickly pile up sky-high replacement costs. However, luckily you do have one alternative in the form of the best aftermarket toner cartridges. These toners offer you top quality prints without making any kind of sacrifice regarding the quality of prints.

The aftermarket toners are basically those cartridges that are made and traded by the third parties. These cartridges cost much less as compared to the branded ones since the suppliers of compatible toner cartridges are not forced to make up for the development and manufacturing costs of printers by keeping the price of toners exorbitantly high. By exclusively concentrating upon the quality and manufacturing of cartridges, third party suppliers provide their products at a cost that is way less than the cartridges of name brand.

Top Compatible Toner Cartridge Options Revealed

Here are some of the best compatible toners unveiled that are capable of saving as much as eighty six percent of your overall printing costs. They essentially allow you to freely print hundreds and thousands of pages that too without depleting your budget. Following is the list of the best compatible toner cartridges for brother.

  • HP (Dual Pack) HP301(XL) BK/ HP301(XL) CLR Ink Cartridge (Compatible)
  • Brother (Mega 10 Pack) LC1240MPK Ink Cartridge (Compatible)
  • HP (Mega 4 Pack) HP364 (XL) Ink Cartridge (Compatible)
  • HP HP301 (XL) Black Ink Cartridge (Compatible)
  • HP (Dual Pack) HP23/ HP45 Ink Cartridge (Compatible)

Will You Get the Same Quality Prints As The Original Name Brand?

When you go to any major search engine and type the best compatible toner manufacturer, the browser will give you the names of literally hundreds of suppliers that are competing with each other. What makes everything a bit complicated is that every single supplier offers cartridges that look similar on the surface and are sold at varying prices. With this many options it is not easy to know if the product you are about to purchase is of good quality or not.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by carefully going through the site from where you are considering buying compatible toner cartridges. It is always advised to read the customer reviews to ensure the investment you are going to make is reliable and the cartridges offered by the platform are completely compatible with the type and model of printer you own.

How Is It Possible to Get the Utmost Value From Toner Cartridges?

You must always try to buy those best compatible toner cartridges for hp that offer higher yields. Basically cartridges that provide high yield have more quantity of toner powder filled in them. These top quality cartridges enable you to print more pages per cartridge that consequently lowers your overall operating costs.