Get to Know Your Printer

While most of us rely on our printers for critical work and get frustrated when they don't work on demand, we don't know much about how they work! It's time to get to know your printer. Read on to learn about regular printer maintenance, changing ink cartridges, and troubleshooting common issues.

1. Read the Manual

With a bit of maintenance and TLC, your printer will last longer. One of the most common mechanical errors for printers is a paper jam. If a paper jam occurs, refer to your manual for instructions that relate to your specific printer. 


2. Be Safe

Before you do anything with your printer that involves opening it, for safety reasons, it's essential to turn it off. This will avoid any damage to the printer or you!


3. Where You Put Your Printer

For optimal performance, printers need to be placed on a level surface with space for ventilation. Setting your printer down in an overly dusty location will shorten its lifespan as the dust can damage the printer head and rollers.


4. Keep Your Printer Clean

Machines need regular cleaning to maintain performance, and your printer is a high-functioning machine. Build-ups of dust, ink, and other debris inside your printer can cause jams, ink streaks, and general poor performance.


Aim to clean your printer with a slightly damp cloth regularly. Wipe the outside of the printer and clean the internals with a lint-free cloth. Be sure to avoid using any liquids to clean inside your printer as moisture could affect performance.

5. Avoid Clogged Ink Nozzles

Clogging is unfortunately common and occurs when the ink dries and blocks the nozzles. The best way to avoid keeping them from drying out is by printing regularly. Instead of leaving your printer idle for weeks or even months, get into the habit of printing a test page every few weeks. This trick stops the ink from clogging and helps it to move around your printer!


6. Choosing Ink Cartridges

When it comes to finding the ink cartridges, the choices can be overwhelming. You'll want to find the best deals, and compatible cartridges have been developed to produce results that are just as good as original inks but are much cheaper! specialise in compatible ink and toner cartridges we free next-day shipping on all orders over €30! Not sure which type of cartridge to buy? Simply enter your printer model on the search bar on our website to find your matching compatible cartridge.

7. Give Printer Heads a Clean

When you start to see white lines running across printed documents or photos, this means it is time to clean the print head. It's best to consult your printer manual to check how to clean your printers print heads correctly. Although most printer models have a self-clean function that can be activated with a few clicks and will clean your heads for you.


No printer is without issue; there will always be paper jams, smudges, and occasional errors getting in the way of your printing. By following these tips and getting to know your printer, you can reduce the chance of these things occurring, prolong the life of your printer and make your overall printing experience much better!  


How to Best Utilize Your Old Printers

It is quite that dumping off your old electronic equipment as regular trash could be dangerous to the environment. There are many ways in which you can recycle electronic items rather than throwing them in the garbage. Just like other electronic equipment, printers and their cartridges can also be recycled, which is considered a better option. There are many possible ways of reusing or recycling a printer. We have narrowed down a few of the printer recycling tips for you to select from.

What to do with old printer – consider taking them to supply stores.

If you are living in Ireland, then you will find many electronic supply stores. The good thing about such stores is that many of them are running recycling programs of old and used electronic stuff. Disposing off your printer is of no use, consider taking it to The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directives. They will certainly provide you with a better alternative to that.

Advertise social media

Social media is just similar to an online digital marketplace. You can use these platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram to sell, or give-away your electronic stuff. You can post a picture of your printer, add a little information about it, and see if anybody wants to buy it. You will get some potential buyers by opting for this method.

E-waste collection center:

Your search for “where to recycle your printer” may end by taking your old printers to the E-waste collection center. These places are meant to receive electronic equipment from all over the country, utilizing them as per the rules and regulations of your specific area. If you are unable to find one near your house, you may search for them online. Hopefully, you’ll find one.

Consider selling to a refurbishment center

There are many stores out there, willing to buy your old printers. Such stores are associated with repairing, refurbishing your old printers and reselling them at reasonable prices. Look for local repair shops near your home to benefit yourself from such facilities. Consider adding this option to your list. It is definitely an excellent way to recycle your printer for cash.

Consult your printer manufacturer.

If you’re willing to recycle an old printer for cash, then consider taking your used machine to printer manufacturing companies. There are many local stores out there ready to buy your used printer, paying you a handsome amount. Manufacturing companies offer various programs for their customers, providing them with a platform to dispose of their used electronic items.

what else could be better – give it to electrical recycling community

If you are well-off, and not looking for money in return, consider giving your used printer to the recycling community. In Ireland, you can find enterprises speacialized in recycling electrical equipment. This may include household appliances like printers, computers, dishwashers washing machines, or fridges. If you are thinking about how to find one near you, don't worry. The good thing about some organisations is that they also offer free community collection to pick your stuff from your home, without putting you in a hassle.

How to Replace Toner In Brother Printer


A toner replacement could be needed depending on various factors. If you a regular user of the printer and it prints quite badly, then you might need to replace it or refill it to fix this condition. But mostly, when the printer is not in use for an extended period, the first thing which gets affected is the toner cartridge. You will notice that the fragments of dust completely block your toner cartridge, making it useless.


A toner cartridge is rated in the terms of pages it can print. If a cartridge is rated to 3000 pages, then it should last for approximately 300 pages. However, it depends on certain factors. If the printer is in daily usage, then there are high chances of it fulfilling this criterion. If it is left unused for long periods, then you may count its shelf time – time in which is not used at all. Over time, the cartridge may fail due to the breakdown of its components or the toner getting dried off. In such circumstances, you will certainly be needing a toner replacement. If you are using a Brother Manufacturer printer and want to know “How to Replace Toner in Brother Printer,” then the following guideline can help you out:

  • Firstly, make sure the printer is turned off to avoid any damage to the machine.
  • Open the front cover, and it usually comes out with a small “clicking” sound.
  • Then carefully remove the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly from the printer.
  • By pushing the lock lever, you will be able to separate toner cartridge from the drum unit.
  • Make sure you don’t rush the process, or you may end up damaging your drum unit.
  • Replace brother dr 3400 toner cartridge, with old one, carefully proceeding to fit that in the clamp.
  • Fix the new toner cartridge steadily into the drum unit until you hear it lock into place, again with a “Click” sound.
  • Make sure you place the toner cartridge correctly into the place, or it might detach from the drum unit.
  • It is also preferred to clean the corona wire by firmly sliding the tab from left to right several times.
  • Now you have to place the whole assembly back into the machine carefully.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to close the front panel door, or else you will not be able to print.


If your printer is not getting that regular maintenance that it requires, then you will end up damaging your printer. A drum is one the most crucial part of the printer, and if that gets damaged due to any reason – your printer is obviously of no use.


If your printer is giving out blurry prints, there could be two possible reasons behind that. Either you need to replace brother dr 3400 cartridge, or else your drum is damaged. You may determine the actual problem by first checking and replacing the toner cartridge, as this a much cheaper solution to go for. If that doesn’t help you, then certainly, you have to replace brother dr 3400 drums.
Are you worried about buying expensive OEM products? brings the most reliable and trusted compatible parts for your printer, enabling you to enjoy an exceptional quality print and volume at much lower prices.

Creative Projects a Home Printer Can Do

Think your home inkjet printer is just for printing out boarding passes and driving directions? Think again! Here's how to use your printer to label things, play games, design clothes, and more. There's a project for everyone and it won't require specialized (or expensive) equipment.

Print Your Own Posters

You don't need to break the bank at your local music store to plaster your wall with pics of your favorite band. A faster, cheaper, and easier way to do it is to print from your home or office computer. Just make sure you find a high-resolution picture to guarantee the best quality possible.

Get Organized

Whether you need to meal prep, label your file folders or stick name tags to your personal possessions, you can do so by printing simple labels from your home or office computer.


This is one of the most practical and useful projects you can do with your home printer. There are loads of ready-to-use calendar templates available online, some of which allow you to customize and create your own unique designs!

Design T-Shirts

Have a charity or sports event coming up? Make your own printed T-shirts with your home printer and iron-on inkjet transfers. Of course, you don't need to stop at t-shirts, either. Most iron-on transfer sheets work with any fabric blend that is at least 50 percent cotton, so you can print your own tote bags, trucker caps, and more. Just be careful when inserting the transfer paper into your paper tray as it’s more expensive and heavier than standard A4 sheets and may move through the printer differently.

Need affordable ink or toner?

At Printerinks, we provide our customers with the best compatible ink and toner at reasonable prices. Printerinks is committed to quality service and to that end we ensure satisfaction with the No Quibble Guarantee. We will replace or refund your purchase[s]. Whatever best suits you!

What Happens If You Put in the Wrong Type of Ink Cartridge?

If you or your business use your printer a lot, you’ll know you need a steady stream of ink cartridges. This can be costly and, with so many different printer brands and models, sometimes difficult to navigate. What happens when you discover you bought the wrong refills? The impact can range from damaged hardware to discolored printouts. Let’s dive in...



Every inkjet manufacturer creates its ink cartridge specifications. From the ink formulations they use to the cartridge sizes they implement, these ink tanks present such complete incompatibility that you can't mistake one brand for another, let alone insert one into the wrong printer. Think of a square peg and a round hole! If you somehow manage to squeeze one manufacturer's cartridges into another one's hardware, you run the risk of damaging printheads and cartridge bays, voiding the warranty on your printer and being unable to return a now-open ink tank that shows signs of misuse.

Some printer manufacturers share their consumables among multiple hardware models that offer similar features. In some cases, these printers differ only in their flexibility and convenience options, not in the mechanisms they use to produce output.

Check the user guide for your printer to verify the consumables it accepts, and avoid assuming that they carry the same model number as the printer itself. Inserted into the wrong printer, they can clog printheads, damage cartridge slots or defeat head maintenance routines.


If you accidentally insert your inkjet's cartridges in the wrong colour slots, most printers sense the error and alert you with an on-screen message. Until you correct this type of installation mixup, your printer won't operate, so that’s an easy fix.

In older printers that don’t give automatic feedback, you'll see color substitutions in your printed output that immediately alert you to mixed up cartridges. If you accidentally operate the printer with its inks in the wrong slots, we recommend running the cleaning cycle.


So what about using compatible cartridges? Similar to the original branded cartridge, these are manufactured under license in accordance with ISO 9001 certified standards. Cartridges are produced by generic manufacturers resulting in a better deal for consumers with no diminution in quality. To find the compatible cartridge for your printer, simply enter the model number in the search bar on

If you receive a warning message from the printer stating that the cartridge is incompatible and will damage your printer, please ignore it. Manufacturers consciously insert various warnings to pressure the customer to buy expensive originals.

The cartridge will not damage your printer in any way and does not invalidate any Original Manufacturer warranties associated with the printer. Original Equipment Manufacturers are not allowed to void your printer warranty for using compatible or remanufactured ink or toner cartridges!

Printerinks is committed to quality service and to that end we ensure satisfaction with the No Quibble Guarantee. We will replace or refund your purchase[s]. Whatever best suits you!

The Difference Between a Toner & Drum Unit for Laser Printers

Variations in design and structure are more subtle in laser printers than in inkjet printers. For instance, take the dilemma of drum units vs. toner cartridges. Understanding the implications of drum units vs. toner cartridges can be crucial for both your pocket and your print quality but it’s something that most laser printer users can’t wrap their heads around! We’re here to help. 

Toner cartridges are exactly what their name suggests. They are cartridges or containers of toner. A drum unit is a component that is used to transfer toner particles from their reservoir to the pages. The drum unit also holds the image to be printed. Both are unique functions but crucial to the printing process. 

Cost Difference

How do combined units and individual units affect your finances? Combined products of drum units and toner cartridges tend to cost much more than individual toner cartridges. The most affordable option is individual toner cartridges, followed by combined housings of toner cartridges and drum units, and then individual drum units.

Drum Units Vs. Toner Cartridges: How Do You Know When To Change?

If your prints are coming out too light then it means that your laser printer is running out of toner. So, between drum units vs. toner cartridges, you know that it is the toner cartridges that you need to change.

On the other hand, if your prints are unclear and have streaks or lines, then your drum unit has deteriorated enough to need changing. So, between drum units vs. toner cartridges, you know that it is the drum units that you need to change.

To recap the complexities of Drum units Vs. toner Cartridges: the toner cartridge is the container that holds toner particles while the drum unit is the component that holds the image that needs to be printed!

Interested in saving up to 30% on your toner costs? Shop our compatible toner cartridges now! 

Best Compatible Toner Cartridges for Your Business

Best Compatible Toner Cartridges for Your Business

Printers are still very much relevant in the houses and offices even in this era of advanced technology when tablets and smartphones are dominating in the whole world. You can realize that branded toner cartridges are extremely expensive. If your printing needs are considerably huge, brand name cartridges can quickly pile up sky-high replacement costs. However, luckily you do have one alternative in the form of the best aftermarket toner cartridges. These toners offer you top quality prints without making any kind of sacrifice regarding the quality of prints.

The aftermarket toners are basically those cartridges that are made and traded by the third parties. These cartridges cost much less as compared to the branded ones since the suppliers of compatible toner cartridges are not forced to make up for the development and manufacturing costs of printers by keeping the price of toners exorbitantly high. By exclusively concentrating upon the quality and manufacturing of cartridges, third party suppliers provide their products at a cost that is way less than the cartridges of name brand.

Top Compatible Toner Cartridge Options Revealed

Here are some of the best compatible toners unveiled that are capable of saving as much as eighty six percent of your overall printing costs. They essentially allow you to freely print hundreds and thousands of pages that too without depleting your budget. Following is the list of the best compatible toner cartridges for brother.

  • HP (Dual Pack) HP301(XL) BK/ HP301(XL) CLR Ink Cartridge (Compatible)
  • Brother (Mega 10 Pack) LC1240MPK Ink Cartridge (Compatible)
  • HP (Mega 4 Pack) HP364 (XL) Ink Cartridge (Compatible)
  • HP HP301 (XL) Black Ink Cartridge (Compatible)
  • HP (Dual Pack) HP23/ HP45 Ink Cartridge (Compatible)

Will You Get the Same Quality Prints As The Original Name Brand?

When you go to any major search engine and type the best compatible toner manufacturer, the browser will give you the names of literally hundreds of suppliers that are competing with each other. What makes everything a bit complicated is that every single supplier offers cartridges that look similar on the surface and are sold at varying prices. With this many options it is not easy to know if the product you are about to purchase is of good quality or not.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by carefully going through the site from where you are considering buying compatible toner cartridges. It is always advised to read the customer reviews to ensure the investment you are going to make is reliable and the cartridges offered by the platform are completely compatible with the type and model of printer you own.

How Is It Possible to Get the Utmost Value From Toner Cartridges?

You must always try to buy those best compatible toner cartridges for hp that offer higher yields. Basically cartridges that provide high yield have more quantity of toner powder filled in them. These top quality cartridges enable you to print more pages per cartridge that consequently lowers your overall operating costs.

Inkjet vs. Laser

Inkjet vs. Laser: Which Printer Is Right For You?

When it comes to buying a printer it is necessary to get acquainted with the difference between inkjet and laser technologies. Even though both of these printing techniques are commonly utilized in offices and homes, it is highly likely that because of some exclusive capabilities one of them will be more effective in meeting all of your requirements as compared to the other.

Here the fundamental distinctions ultimately come down to exactly how each technology prints. This, as a result, influences on what a certain printer is capable to do well, how much amount you will have to pay upfront, and how much does it cost to print photos and documents. This post provides you an in-depth comparative analysis that will enable you to make an informed decision.

Inkjet vs Laser: Basic Printing Technology

On the basic level laser and inkjet printers have a same definition that is to put images and letters onto pages. However, both methods accomplish this outcome in ways that are widely divergent. Inkjet relies upon liquid ink that is deposited onto the paper via an intricately designed print head which makes use of a myriad of small nozzles. These nozzles do the printing by spitting microscopic ink drops onto paper. The type of ink, either pigment or dye based, used might change paper’s color or just dry up on paper’s surface.

On the contrary, laser printers depend upon toner that is essentially a powder. It is called laser printer because it makes use of a laser that is utilizes to generate the electrostatic charge on the paper’s surface. This charge assists in transferring the toner right to those spots where it is supposed to print. Heat is used to make toner powder stick to the page. So if you have been wondering do laser printers use ink, now you know the answer.

The two approaches used here significantly affect just about everything from how much it costs to get a single page printed to the physical size of the machine. You can find both technologies in the form of single function or multipurpose printers that come with fax, copying and scanning capabilities.

Laser vs Inkjet: Upfront Costs

The initial cost of printer works as a key factor when making a decision about which one to purchase. Yes, it is true that you are looking forward to get some specific features. However, it is your budget that in most of the cases will make this decision. Inkjet printers are much less costly as compared to their laser tech based counterparts. The biggest reason behind it is that the technology which is used in inkjets is a little less complicated. Therefore, manufacturing them incurs less cost.

In addition to this, you will be surprised to know that most of the manufacturers sell inkjets at a notable loss. They plan to make up this difference by selling ink to users in the future. Just to give you the perspective, at times it is cheaper to purchase a brand new inkjet printer than to purchase a full-fledged ink cartridges’ set!

Laser vs Inkjet: Quality of Prints

The certain characteristics of toner powder and liquid ink influence how compatible they are in order to perform certain kinds of printing jobs. With their pigment and dye based inks, inkjets are particularly well at dealing with colors, especially for photos and images that involve more subtle hues and color shades.

The major purpose of building laser printers is not always to handle printing of images. They rather rely on the halftone dots used for the creation of a limited number of colors on the surface of your documents. Even if you find a laser printer that is capable to handle colors of higher quality for image printing, it is highly probable that you will need specialized papers to get this job done. Laser printers, however, are comparatively more suited to print crisp and clear text.

Ink is prone to smearing. The prints that you take from inkjet keep on drying even once the text or image is printed on the paper. It leads to the problem of blurred documents. On the other hand, laser printer ink utilizes a more complex heat transfer technology. The prints you take from them are absolutely smudge-proof and do not need even a single moment to dry out.

Laser vs Inkjet: Printing Cost

The different cost of toner powder and ink also decisively differentiates both printing technologies. Liquid ink that is used in the inkjets has the reputation of being one of the priciest liquids that are available on our planet. It is a complexly engineered product that is designed to offer flow rates with utmost precision and dry up within moments. As liquid ink used in inkjets renders high margin, that you will be forced to keep on buying over and over again, the printer companies encourage you to continuously come back to them to buy some more.

In contrast, toner powder used in laserjet printer is less costly on the basis of per-page printing expenses. Not that toner is any less carefully manufactured, it is easier to use, store and ship because of the simple fact that it comes in the form of powder. Do not get confused if you observe that a single cartridge of toner is more costly as compared to a liquid ink cartridge. The yield toner cartridges provide is significantly higher than the ink based ones.

Laser vs Inkjet: Size of the Printer

Another discerning element that you might want to consider when comparing different types of printers is their size. Of course, printers vary a lot on the basis of design and size, but in general, laser printer that offers multi-functionality is relatively heavier and larger. If limited space is a determining factor in your case, it would be better for you to go for a printer that comes with inkjet technology. Inkjets usually need smaller space so you would be able to fit them on a small shelf or office desk without much trouble.

what are compatible cartridges

Get to know the Differences Between Name Brand (OEM), Remanufactured and Compatible Ink Cartridges

Remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges have been a consistent choice for a number of years, providing the same print quality as compared to original brand cartridges at a very reasonable price. Although these cartridges had a long history of success in the printing industry, there are still a lot of customers that are not aware of these excellent alternative printing options.

In this blog post, we will discuss the primary differences between name brand (OEM), remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges so you can make the best purchase within your budget range.

Also known as “aftermarket” cartridges, Printerinks have been selling remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges since 2016. New clienteles often ask us about the primary difference between re-manufactured and compatible cartridges and the name brand cartridges that come along with your printer. Below mentioned are some of the most common questions, including:

  • What are the primary differences between Name Brand (OEM), re-manufactured and compatible ink cartridges?
  • In what way re-manufactured and compatible cartridges compare with an OEM?
  • Can I assume the print quality and the same page yield as an OEM cartridge?
  • Will utilizing an aftermarket printer cartridge void my printer's warranty?

What Are The OEM Ink Cartridges?

Name brand cartridges, or OEM is made by your printer company. These are the cartridges that come along with your printer and are usually called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs).

OEM cartridges can be costly as compared to aftermarket cartridges because of the research and development expenses that go directly into their production. They are very famous for being very reliable and are at times the only option accessible if your printer is brand new or rare.

What Are Remanufactured Ink Cartridges?

A remanufactured ink cartridge is basically an OEM cartridge that has been cleaned, rebuilt and refilled professionally with ink or toner by a company other than your printer’s company.

Remanufactured ink cartridges have been used for once; and then they are recycled, attained by a company and put through an extensive remanufacturing procedure.

Remanufactured ink cartridges use the same shell as a Name Brand cartridge or OEM, so they have a comparable appearance to the OEM product. Initially, the cartridge is taken apart, cleaned and tested for specific quality standards. Worn or damaged inner components are substituted, the cartridge is reassembled again and refilled with ink or toner.

Re-manufactured ink cartridges provide the same page yield just like an OEM cartridge, getting you similar prints for a better value. Why there is a difference in cost? Just put, they do not need as many new components to build a finished, working product. By making use of the original shell and majority of the original internal parts, manufacturing expenses remain low.

Remanufactured ink cartridges are an environmentally friendly alternative as well, preventing one less ink cartridge from entering the junkyard.

What Are Compatible Ink Cartridges?

A compatible ink cartridge is a brand new printer cartridge made by a manufacturer other than your printer manufacturer.

Compatible ink cartridges have never been used before and are exclusively designed to distinguish from the OEM cartridge they are based on. In spite of any structural differences, these cartridges are designed to fit perfectly in your printer and print the same amount of pages, just like the OEM cartridge. It is parallel to purchasing the generic version of an OEM product.

Compatible cartridges manufacturers can keep expenses low because they don't have to think about the same R&D costs or firmware updates that Name Brand (OEM) manufacturers deal with, passing the savings onto the client.

Can I Assume The Same Reliability as an OEM Ink Cartridge?

Yes, you can certainly expect the same reliability just like an OEM cartridge, as long as you purchase from a sound manufacturer. There is lots of competition in the aftermarket ink cartridge industry, and with that, you get fluctuating degrees of reliability and quality.

So as to find a reliable provider, you will have to set aside some time to do some research. A strong product guarantees and a high number of positive reviews are two surefire signs of a trustworthy manufacturer.

Printerinks products is a great option. We have been selling hundreds of ink and toner cartridges from renowned companies since 2016, and we cover almost every printer model available in the market. Our ink and toner cartridges earn consistently positive reviews from clients, and the best part is, they are all backed by an industry-best lifetime assurance.

Can I Assume The Same Page Yield and Print Quality as an OEM Ink Cartridge?

Yes, aftermarket cartridges from a reliable manufacturer will print the quoted page yield and provide the same print quality just like an OEM cartridge. All of our ink or toner cartridges already go through an intensive class and reliability test to make sure you get a reliable product.

However, there is always a possibility that you could get a defective cartridge. Even with OEM ink cartridges, there is the rare bad apple in the bunch, which is why it's significant to purchase from a supplier that provides a strong product  guarantee.

At Printerinks, all of our ink or toner cartridges come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can purchase with peace of mind.

Will Using an Aftermarket Cartridge Void My Printer’s Warranty?

Your printer guarantee cannot be voided in case you decide to make use of an aftermarket printer cartridge. No company, salesperson, associate, or service technician can deny your service or a refund that would then be covered under a warranty program just because you utilize a compatible product. You have all the rights to choose what you want to install in your printer!

Compatible Ink Cartridges Misconceptions

You can make huge savings by choosing compatible inks over the original (OEM) cartridges. However, many people are skeptical of using third-party inks and fear potential complications with using them. We’re here to ease your mind - major problems are rarer than you think and there are several tricks you can try to find a solution.

1. The cartridge is not recognised
This is the most common issue you’ll face when using third-party ink as Big Brand printer manufacturers don’t like to lose your business - did you know that consumables like ink are how they make most of their money? Try re-inserting the compatible cartridge again or resetting the printer. To avoid these issues completely, use the search bar on to find the cartridge that will work best for your printer model.

2. Clogged print head
The consistency of compatible ink may differ from original ink and therefore occasionally it can clog up the print head. This is uncommon but if you notice you have dots in your prints or missing colours, simply run the printer’s cleaning cycle to clear the blockage.

3. Leaking cartridge
A leaking cartridge is often a result of how the cartridge was inserted. Try to get a tight seal, but don’t press too hard when you do this as it could damage your printer. Read our blog post on how to effectively and efficiently change your cartridges before attempting the transition!

4. Update your printer drivers
If your printer isn’t printing or has other problems, make sure you update the printer driver on your computer and on the printer itself. This can often solve any printing problems you’re having.