Big Brand Ink Manufacturing Companies Are Ripping off Customers

While technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years, between internet speeds to flat-screen TVs, replacing printer ink cartridges has remained an expensive and sometimes frustrating endeavor. Despite the fact that everything else is becoming more user-friendly, printer technology seems to have remained unchanged. But if you think that you’re getting through ink cartridges faster than ever, you’re probably right. 

We hate to hear it, but Big Brand printing companies have no problem ripping us off!  

Over the past decade, manufacturers have actually reduced the amount of ink within their cartridges. Along with reducing the amount of ink, many companies are installing chips on their cartridges that send a false “out of ink” warning to your printer. Back in 2008, PC World ran a series of cartridge tests across several different printers from Canon, Epson, and Hewlett-Packard. In some cases, PC World found that some printers refused to operate even when some ink cartridges were as much as 40% full!  

“The quantity of unused ink ranged from about 8 percent in an Epson-brand cartridge to a whopping 45 percent in an aftermarket cartridge for a Canon printer,” the report reads. “After posting low-ink warnings, those printers wouldn’t let us resume printing until we inserted a new cartridge.” 

Big Brand companies claim that their ink cartridges are expensive because ink technology is expensive. However, with some quick internet digging, it’s easy to find that the manufacturing cost is much lower than we are led to believe.   

So how can consumers fight back and not spend hundreds, or thousands, on printer ink every year? An easy solution is by buying compatible cartridges, like Printerinks, that have been processed and cleaned before being refilled. These cost half the amount of the branded inks and often even produce a higher yield. With our multipack deals, you can save even further by buying your cartridges in bulk.  

It’s time to make the switch and stop being ripped off by Big Brands!