You can make huge savings by choosing compatible inks over the original (OEM) cartridges. However, many people are skeptical of using third-party inks and fear potential complications with using them. We’re here to ease your mind – major problems are rarer than you think and there are several tricks you can try to find a solution.

1. The cartridge is not recognised
This is the most common issue you’ll face when using third-party ink as Big Brand printer manufacturers don’t like to lose your business – did you know that consumables like ink are how they make most of their money? Try re-inserting the compatible cartridge again or resetting the printer. To avoid these issues completely, use the search bar on to find the cartridge that will work best for your printer model.

2. Clogged print head
The consistency of compatible ink may differ from original ink and therefore occasionally it can clog up the print head. This is uncommon but if you notice you have dots in your prints or missing colours, simply run the printer’s cleaning cycle to clear the blockage.

3. Leaking cartridge
A leaking cartridge is often a result of how the cartridge was inserted. Try to get a tight seal, but don’t press too hard when you do this as it could damage your printer. Read our blog post on how to effectively and efficiently change your cartridges before attempting the transition!

4. Update your printer drivers
If your printer isn’t printing or has other problems, make sure you update the printer driver on your computer and on the printer itself. This can often solve any printing problems you’re having.