It is quite that dumping off your old electronic equipment as regular trash could be dangerous to the environment. There are many ways in which you can recycle electronic items rather than throwing them in the garbage. Just like other electronic equipment, printers and their cartridges can also be recycled, which is considered a better option. There are many possible ways of reusing or recycling a printer. We have narrowed down a few of the printer recycling tips for you to select from.

What to do with old printer – consider taking them to supply stores.

If you are living in Ireland, then you will find many electronic supply stores. The good thing about such stores is that many of them are running recycling programs of old and used electronic stuff. Disposing off your printer is of no use, consider taking it to The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directives. They will certainly provide you with a better alternative to that.

Advertise social media

Social media is just similar to an online digital marketplace. You can use these platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram to sell, or give-away your electronic stuff. You can post a picture of your printer, add a little information about it, and see if anybody wants to buy it. You will get some potential buyers by opting for this method.

E-waste collection center:

Your search for “where to recycle your printer” may end by taking your old printers to the E-waste collection center. These places are meant to receive electronic equipment from all over the country, utilizing them as per the rules and regulations of your specific area. If you are unable to find one near your house, you may search for them online. Hopefully, you’ll find one.

Consider selling to a refurbishment center

There are many stores out there, willing to buy your old printers. Such stores are associated with repairing, refurbishing your old printers and reselling them at reasonable prices. Look for local repair shops near your home to benefit yourself from such facilities. Consider adding this option to your list. It is definitely an excellent way to recycle your printer for cash.

Consult your printer manufacturer.

If you’re willing to recycle an old printer for cash, then consider taking your used machine to printer manufacturing companies. There are many local stores out there ready to buy your used printer, paying you a handsome amount. Manufacturing companies offer various programs for their customers, providing them with a platform to dispose of their used electronic items.

what else could be better – give it to electrical recycling community

If you are well-off, and not looking for money in return, consider giving your used printer to the recycling community. In Ireland, you can find enterprises speacialized in recycling electrical equipment. This may include household appliances like printers, computers, dishwashers washing machines, or fridges. If you are thinking about how to find one near you, don’t worry. The good thing about some organisations is that they also offer free community collection to pick your stuff from your home, without putting you in a hassle.