A toner replacement could be needed depending on various factors. If you a regular user of the printer and it prints quite badly, then you might need to replace it or refill it to fix this condition. But mostly, when the printer is not in use for an extended period, the first thing which gets affected is the toner cartridge. You will notice that the fragments of dust completely block your toner cartridge, making it useless.


A toner cartridge is rated in the terms of pages it can print. If a cartridge is rated to 3000 pages, then it should last for approximately 300 pages. However, it depends on certain factors. If the printer is in daily usage, then there are high chances of it fulfilling this criterion. If it is left unused for long periods, then you may count its shelf time – time in which is not used at all. Over time, the cartridge may fail due to the breakdown of its components or the toner getting dried off. In such circumstances, you will certainly be needing a toner replacement. If you are using a Brother Manufacturer printer and want to know “How to Replace Toner in Brother Printer,” then the following guideline can help you out:

  • Firstly, make sure the printer is turned off to avoid any damage to the machine.
  • Open the front cover, and it usually comes out with a small “clicking” sound.
  • Then carefully remove the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly from the printer.
  • By pushing the lock lever, you will be able to separate toner cartridge from the drum unit.
  • Make sure you don’t rush the process, or you may end up damaging your drum unit.
  • Replace brother dr 3400 toner cartridge, with old one, carefully proceeding to fit that in the clamp.
  • Fix the new toner cartridge steadily into the drum unit until you hear it lock into place, again with a “Click” sound.
  • Make sure you place the toner cartridge correctly into the place, or it might detach from the drum unit.
  • It is also preferred to clean the corona wire by firmly sliding the tab from left to right several times.
  • Now you have to place the whole assembly back into the machine carefully.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to close the front panel door, or else you will not be able to print.


If your printer is not getting that regular maintenance that it requires, then you will end up damaging your printer. A drum is one the most crucial part of the printer, and if that gets damaged due to any reason – your printer is obviously of no use.


If your printer is giving out blurry prints, there could be two possible reasons behind that. Either you need to replace brother dr 3400 cartridge, or else your drum is damaged. You may determine the actual problem by first checking and replacing the toner cartridge, as this a much cheaper solution to go for. If that doesn’t help you, then certainly, you have to replace brother dr 3400 drums.
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