5 Tips on Maintaining Your Ink Cartridges to Get More Ink

maintain ink cartridgesIf you see a warning from your printer that it’s out of ink or running low, you can usually go ahead and ignore it. Most ink cartridges still hold anywhere from 8 to 45% of their ink when the message appears. So how do you get the remaining ink from your cartridge? There are a couple of ways:

Printhead Cleaning: You may sometimes think you’re running low on ink when you start getting streaky prints, but it may only be because your printhead needs cleaning. The easiest way to do this is to run the printhead cleaning feature to get rid of dried ink in the print head. This often happens when your printer hasn’t been used for a while.

Shake it: When your prints start to look faded, it’s not always because your cartridges are running empty. Sometimes it could be because some of the ink has dried up and is clogging the nozzles. Try flipping the cartridge upside down and then gently shaking it. Gently is key – we’re not trying to break the cartridge!

Hairdryer Method: Blowing the nozzles with hot air thins out whatever ink blockage is there and enables the rest of your ink to come out.

Paper Towel method: Similar to the hairdryer method, the paper towel method also aims to clear out dried ink from the nozzles to help the rest of the ink come out.

Cover the Sensor: Some ink cartridges come with a chip which detects ink levels. And more often than not, this chip sends out an empty cartridge warning too early. When it does, it sometimes won’t let you print unless you change cartridges. To address this issue, cover up the chip sensor with dark electrical tape. With Prinkerinks compatible cartridges, the chip does not shut off as early as originals. Another great reason to shop with us! 

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