Home printers are still crucial today to print documents and photos on an urgent basis. After the digital revolution, one would think how traditional printers make sense in a highly electronic world but truthfully, it still does. You just can’t merely rely on market resources when you want to have something done or get something delivered efficiently and timely. So far you should realize that it’s a major necessity but here’s a big deal of it you need to go through. Most of the homeowners get exasperated when their printer runs out of ink or dry up at the most significant moment. Also, printer ink cartridges are expensive. So if you’re tired of refilling cartridges every now and then, get familiar with these quick tricks and make your ink cartridge last longer.

Abort Out-of-Ink Warnings

If you’re constantly receiving a warning that your printer is out of ink, simply ignore it. During a lab test, a researcher found out that ink cartridges despite stocking anywhere from 8 to 45 percent of ink nudge the user unnecessarily.

Don’t Use Chunky Fonts and Bolds

It’s an intellectual belief that wide fonts and text written in bold utilizes a sizable proportion of ink. Try using minimalistic fonts that are also considered great for elegant typography. This way you can save your maximum ink.

Note: Arial and new courier are some of the safest fonts to use. 

Even save more money by downloading thousands of free fonts available over the internet that are well-designed in a manner to use 20 percent less ink, specifically to withstand printer ink cartridges.

Keep Font Size Small

While you’re unaware of software science, it would be difficult for you to differentiate between a 12-point font and a 14-point font. For example, when you use s smaller font size, the amount of ink used is very limited so increase the font size only when it’s required.

Note: Big fonts are perfect for website headings, blog titles and for any line that is making a big impact on the audience.

Finalize Everything Before You Print

To avoid printing errors, make everything fine in the first place. Review your document’s each and every text, image and find all types of typographical errors and visual errors before you publish your piece. Reprinting copies one after one also waste your computer ink cartridges excessively.

Check Your Printer Settings

Printers are usually factory-set to gobble up your cartridge ink. However, it’s quite easy to reset those settings.

Follow this step-by-step process to update your printer’s default settings on a Windows-based computer.

Click start > printers > right click on your printer and open printer preferences.

Embrace all these new changes:

  • Change the print quality to “draft”
  • Set the color to “print in grayscale”
  • Set the “document options” to print multiple pages per sheet

Print Only What Is Important

Let’s presume you want to print one of your favorite authors write ups or a recipe you can’t wait to cook this weekend. Eliminate all of the ads and additional content that is currently included in the document.

Detect Cartridge Clogs

Does your printed text or image is missing on ink or has stopped printing in the right middle of the process? Before you discard your ink cartridge, give it one more try. Simply remove the cartridge from the printer and wipe underneath with a damp towel or any piece of cloth. Reset the cartridge and print again.

To learn more about how to keep your printer ink cartridges in their best shape for an unlimited period, stay tuned for our next blog post.