The Shocking Truth About OEM Ink Cartridges

Printer ink has become notoriously known as one of the most expensive liquids in the world. Comparing printer ink to Chanel No 5 or a glass of Dom Perignon champagne might seem crazy, but the truth is it’s cost more than both of these luxury items. 

One YouTuber decided to investigate what he calls “The Ink Scam” and found out the shocking truth behind the cost of ink cartridges: 

Firstly, Austin explains that most printers are sold at a loss and the money is recouped with printer ink. This a tried and true marketing tactic, often referred to as “Razor & Blade” model. The main item, for example, a razor or printer, is sold at a low cost. This then tricks the customer into buying more of the complementary good, such as a blade or ink cartridges, which need to be restocked often. The inflated cost of the ink is where the Big Brand companies are making their money. 

Most OEM cartridges come with a chip installed which is meant to monitor the quality and levels of the ink. According to Austin, this is another part of “The Ink Scam” and the chip’s real function is to get customers to buy even more ink! These chips often send false warnings of low ink to your printer and force it to stop working, despite the cartridges being up to 40% full. 

No matter which big brand company you buy an OEM cartridge from the same problems will persist – the extraordinary cost and the ink will run out quickly. So stop paying high retail prices for a product that costs very little to manufacture and make the switch to compatible cartridges. 

What are compatible cartridges? A compatible cartridge is a brand new printer cartridge built by a manufacturer other than your printer. The cartridge will still fit in your machine but print more pages and offer a similar print quality as a brand name cartridge but it’s made by a different manufacturer and sold in different packaging. Shop our high-quality compatible cartridges for the same great quality prints, at a fraction of the cost.