Variations in design and structure are more subtle in laser printers than in inkjet printers. For instance, take the dilemma of drum units vs. toner cartridges. Understanding the implications of drum units vs. toner cartridges can be crucial for both your pocket and your print quality but it’s something that most laser printer users can’t wrap their heads around! We’re here to help. 

Toner cartridges are exactly what their name suggests. They are cartridges or containers of toner. A drum unit is a component that is used to transfer toner particles from their reservoir to the pages. The drum unit also holds the image to be printed. Both are unique functions but crucial to the printing process. 

Cost Difference

How do combined units and individual units affect your finances? Combined products of drum units and toner cartridges tend to cost much more than individual toner cartridges. The most affordable option is individual toner cartridges, followed by combined housings of toner cartridges and drum units, and then individual drum units.

Drum Units Vs. Toner Cartridges: How Do You Know When To Change?

If your prints are coming out too light then it means that your laser printer is running out of toner. So, between drum units vs. toner cartridges, you know that it is the toner cartridges that you need to change.

On the other hand, if your prints are unclear and have streaks or lines, then your drum unit has deteriorated enough to need changing. So, between drum units vs. toner cartridges, you know that it is the drum units that you need to change.

To recap the complexities of Drum units Vs. toner Cartridges: the toner cartridge is the container that holds toner particles while the drum unit is the component that holds the image that needs to be printed!

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