If you or your business use your printer a lot, you’ll know you need a steady stream of ink cartridges. This can be costly and, with so many different printer brands and models, sometimes difficult to navigate. What happens when you discover you bought the wrong refills? The impact can range from damaged hardware to discolored printouts. Let’s dive in…



Every inkjet manufacturer creates its ink cartridge specifications. From the ink formulations they use to the cartridge sizes they implement, these ink tanks present such complete incompatibility that you can’t mistake one brand for another, let alone insert one into the wrong printer. Think of a square peg and a round hole! If you somehow manage to squeeze one manufacturer’s cartridges into another one’s hardware, you run the risk of damaging printheads and cartridge bays, voiding the warranty on your printer and being unable to return a now-open ink tank that shows signs of misuse.

Some printer manufacturers share their consumables among multiple hardware models that offer similar features. In some cases, these printers differ only in their flexibility and convenience options, not in the mechanisms they use to produce output.

Check the user guide for your printer to verify the consumables it accepts, and avoid assuming that they carry the same model number as the printer itself. Inserted into the wrong printer, they can clog printheads, damage cartridge slots or defeat head maintenance routines.


If you accidentally insert your inkjet’s cartridges in the wrong colour slots, most printers sense the error and alert you with an on-screen message. Until you correct this type of installation mixup, your printer won’t operate, so that’s an easy fix.

In older printers that don’t give automatic feedback, you’ll see color substitutions in your printed output that immediately alert you to mixed up cartridges. If you accidentally operate the printer with its inks in the wrong slots, we recommend running the cleaning cycle.


So what about using compatible cartridges? Similar to the original branded cartridge, these are manufactured under license in accordance with ISO 9001 certified standards. Cartridges are produced by generic manufacturers resulting in a better deal for consumers with no diminution in quality. To find the compatible cartridge for your printer, simply enter the model number in the search bar on Printeinks.ie.

If you receive a warning message from the printer stating that the cartridge is incompatible and will damage your printer, please ignore it. Manufacturers consciously insert various warnings to pressure the customer to buy expensive originals.

The cartridge will not damage your printer in any way and does not invalidate any Original Manufacturer warranties associated with the printer. Original Equipment Manufacturers are not allowed to void your printer warranty for using compatible or remanufactured ink or toner cartridges!

Printerinks is committed to quality service and to that end we ensure satisfaction with the No Quibble Guarantee. We will replace or refund your purchase[s]. Whatever best suits you!