It’s frequently observed: you have to print something important, and your printer’s black ink has decided to go on a permanent vacation. You immediately visit Google and search for fixes to resolve this issue and run into different printer forums without a clear resolution. We have received a lot of calls on this problem as well so to help; we have gathered a list of things you can do when your printer is not printing black.

Some Basic Things

  1. First of all, turn off your printer, disconnect USB cables and unplug from the power source as well. After a few minutes, connect your printer again and plug it back. Then, turn on your printer again.
  2. Run “Print Test Page”or a “Quality Diagnostic Report.”
  3. You can typically find this option on the display screen of your printer. Or, check your printer’s user guide for detailed instructions.
  4. If still, your printer won’t print black, check printer ink levels to check the ink volume in your cartridges double. In case you are using aftermarket cartridges that don’t display ink levels, we will have to find out another way to figure out whether or not your ink cartridges are at fault

Check Your Ink Cartridge

  1. If your HP printer not printing black, initially replace your ink cartridges that are empty or low on ink.
  2. Ensure ink cartridges are installed correctly in their appropriate slot.
  3. Double-check to ensure that you have detached the tape over the vent in case you installed a new ink cartridge.
  4. Double-check if the vents of the cartridges are blocked and cause your HP printer won’t print black. You can fix this by lightly using a pin to clean up the blockage on the vent.
  5. Try using a different ink cartridge to find out if your printer is able to identify cartridges. If you are using an HP printer and your printer used to work smoothly with an old cartridge, try installing that old cartridge again and check if your printer produces any sort of output.

We only need to find out whether if it’s the printhead or the cartridge that’s causing problems. In case your printer is able to print something with an old ink or toner cartridge, then it’s not the printhead. Instead, your new black cartridge may be defective and have to be replaced.

Check Your PrintHead

  1. If substituting ink cartridges doesn’t work, the next step is checking your printhead. Make sure your printheads aren’t blocked. Most of the printers have an automatic printhead cleaning feature; however, if you’re capable of removing the printhead from your printer, you can clean it on your own.
  2. If running the automatic printhead cleaning feature doesn’t work, rerun it 2-3 times. There is a limit to how many times you can rerun the automatic printhead cleaning feature.
  3. Re-align your printer. You can find this option on your HP printers display screen: Setup > Tools.